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Since the foundation in 2008, Mr Big Office Furniture Co., Ltd has always focused on researching and developing humanized, individuating and internationalized office furnitures. Mr Big took it as its own responsibility to build an energetic, efficient and civilized office environment, and it is doing best to probe the customers’ demand and continuously adjust the operating strategies for the market, so as to provide excellent valuable products and services to the customers.

The products have been sold to all the large and medium-size cities in China, and far to countries in Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc. all over the world. In order to provide customers best products and services before sales, during sales and after sales, the company has already set up offices in Beijing, Xianghe in Hebei, Shanghai, Zhengzhou in Henan, Wuhan in Hubei, Chengdu in Sichuan, Likou in Jiangsu, Kunming in Yuannan, Xi’an in Shanxi, Shenyang in Liaoning, and has built up an excellent team that is good at marketing, installing and servicing.

In  recent years ,the company has successively obtained the title of “Reliable Quality Unit”, awarded by China Light Industry Products Quality Guarantee Center and has been selected into  “China Famous Band”, “Member of China National Furniture Association”, “Member of Guangdong Products Furniture Association”,  “Director Unit of Guangzhou City Furniture Association” and “Audited Supplier of Made-in China” .It has also passed  and carried out the ISO-9001;2000 International Quality Accreditation and Management.

By inheriting the management concept of “Solidarity, high efficiency, innovation and pragmatism” and the business philosophy of “good service and excellent quality”, the office furniture brand “MR .BIG” has won the approval of the market and has got the affirmation of the customers, with the joint efforts of all the employees. We won’t content with the current situation. We will stride forward to the future, keep exploiting and enterprising and continuously walk up the road of creating the national brand of Chinese office furniture.

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